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Liaocheng Heople's Hospital Successfully Completed the On-Site Assessment of Standardized Training

    Entrusted by the Science and Education Department of the National Health Commission, PRC, and in accordance with the requirements of the Notice on Standardized Resident Training and Evaluation of Assistant General Practitioner Training in 2019, from July 17 to 18, 2019, the Chinese Medical Association organized a team of 10 experts to conduct on-site inspection and assessment of the standardized resident training base in our hospital.

   On the morning of July 17, the National Resident Standardization Training Assessment Report Meeting was held in the fourth floor of West District Report Hall. Expert Team of Chinese Medical Association; Jiang Zhenke, Director of Shandong Residence and Training Center; Song Ruxiang, Vice-Director of Member of Party Group of Liaocheng Health Commission; Liu Qinghua,Director of Medical and Political Department of Liaocheng Health Commission; President Wang Dawei,Vice-Secretary of Party Committee of Liaocheng People's Hospital, Vice-President Li Guangyao of Liaocheng People's Hospital, and and the heads of various functional departments attended the meeting.
    Wu Shaolin, chairman of the Group of experts, first introduced the inspection methods and procedures. Wang Dawei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Liaocheng people's Hospital, warmly welcomed the arrival of the inspection team on behalf of the hospital, said that he would cooperate fully with the work of the inspection team, and comprehensively reported to the expert group on the construction of a standardized training base for residents in our hospital.
   During the on-site inspection stage, 10 experts, within two days, were divided into seven groups to carry out on-site evaluation for the management, internal medicine, surgery, gynecological department, emergency, anesthesia and ultrasound of 24 bases of our hospital.
    The management group carried on the careful inspection to the hospital management system, the teacher management, the special fund use, the general discipline teacher construction, the student rotation, the teaching activity and so on, and called in the hospital leader, the function department responsible person, took the teacher, carried on the interview in the training student.
    Experts from internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency department, anesthesia and ultrasound expert group participated in teaching round, examined students' medical record writing, observed students' skill operation demonstration and discussed with teachers and students, and evaluated in detail the standardized training of residents in our hospital, the construction of teaching staff, the construction of skills training center, the construction of general medicine, and the construction of training related facilities and bases.
    On the afternoon of the 18th, in the academic lecture hall on the fourth floor of the western district of the hospital, the expert group gave in-depth feedback on the evaluation to more than 100 functional departments of the hospital, the director of the base and more than 100 teaching teachers, fully affirmed the bright spots of the work in our hospital, objectively pointed out the shortcomings of the hospital in the aspects of teacher management, the development of teaching practice activities, and the hardware construction of the department, and put forward constructive suggestions and suggestions.
    Wu Shaolin, the leader of the expert group, deeply interprets the profound connotation and far-reaching significance of standardized training for residents from three aspects: "normal operation of residential training, hospital transformation and upgrading; hierarchical and progressive training and transportation of qualified talents; strengthening the construction of training centers and strengthening clinical skills training", and puts forward expectations and requirements for the work of residential training in our hospital.
    Wang Dawei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Liaocheng people's Hospital, made a statement. He said that the rectification and reform suggestions put forward by experts in this inspection and evaluation should be sorted out one by one, targeted rectification and reform, and the perfection should be improved. We should further standardize the management of residential training, strengthen the construction of teachers, improve the teaching level, strengthen the support and guarantee, strictly implement the work requirements of the state for the training base, and constantly train qualified clinicians.
    Subsequently, Wang Zhifeng, director of the Science and Education Department of the Shandong Health Commission, said that standardized training of residents is a key work of medical reform, which is of great significance. It is very important to train high-level clinical doctors and improve the quality of medical treatment. It is hoped that Liaocheng people's Hospital will take this evaluation as an opportunity, promote construction by evaluation, promote reform by evaluation, combine with evaluation opinions, make clear responsibility, do a good job of quality, and promote the rapid development of hospitals.
    Finally, Wu Shaolin and Wang Dawei signed the training base evaluation feedback submission. This feedback submission means that Liaocheng people's Hospital will open the prelude to build a high-quality training base and a high-quality training system.
    The members of the expert group and the leaders of the hospital