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Liaocheng People's Hospital Has Passed the Certification of Standard Edition of China Chest Pain Ce

    On July 14, 2019, the 21st Executive Committee of China Chest Pain Center Certification Committee was successfully convened in Beijing, marking the completion of the second batch of China Chest Pain Center Certification in 2019.

    It is reported that a total of 256 units have applied for the certification of China chest pain center, 61 units have passed the standard version and 85 units have passed the basic version. Liaocheng people's hospital successfully passed the certification of standard version of China chest pain center.
    On July 10, 2019, Professor Li Chunjie, Member of China Chest Pain Center, Tianjin Chest Hospital, Professor Ran Huazhong, Certification Expert of China Chest Pain Center, Zhoukou Central Hospital, Professor Hu Yali, Certification Expert of China Chest Pain Center, Cangzhou People's Hospital of Hebei Province, Director Zhou Shan of Harbin Certification Office of China Chest Pain Center , A team of four experts inspected the construction of Chest Pain Center in Liaocheng People's Hospital.
    The on-site inspection meeting was presided over by Zhou Shan, Harbin Certification Office of China Chest Pain Center. Song Ruxiang, Party member and deputy director of Liaocheng Health Committee, Ma Shengjun, party secretary of Liaocheng People's Hospital, Wang Dawei, deputy party secretary and dean, Liu Huaijun, discipline inspection commission secretary, vice president Jiang Wen, Zhao Benqi, director of Liaocheng 120 Command and Dispatch Center, relevant staff of Liaocheng People's Hospital Chest Pain Center, clinical medical representatives and heads of relevant functional departments. As well as representatives of six network hospitals, including guanxian People's Hospital, guanxian Central Hospital, yanggu People's Hospital, People's Hospital of Shen county, Second People's Hospital of Shen County and guanxian Xinji Central Hospital, attended the meeting.    
    Four evaluation experts conducted a comprehensive and systematic review of the relevant documents and data of the Chest Pain Center to ensure that the database of the Chest Pain Center is complete, accurate and true, and that all time nodes correspond to the original data.
    Then, the evaluation expert group examined the surrounding conditions of the hospital, carefully checked the operation of the emergency department, catheterization room, CCU ward and outpatient hall, and randomly asked the medical staff and security personnel questions.
    The evaluation team trained the admission process of patients with chest pain, simulated the process of sending patients by 120 ambulances avioding CCU and emergency room into catheter room, and tested whether they had the ability to treat emergency PCI patients.
    After the inspection, the review expert group gave a summary feedback on the on-site inspection results.  Four experts fully affirmed the achievements in the construction of chest pain center, and highly appraised the construction of chest pain center in our hospital.
    The expert group pointed out that the leaders attached great importance to the construction of chest pain center in the hospital, the content was standardized, and the medical staff had a strong ability to coordinate diagnosis and treatment. It was unanimously recognized that the chest pain center in liaocheng people's hospital had reached all the indicators required by the chest pain center in China.
    In March 2018, liaocheng people's hospital chest pain center passed the pre-qualification examination through online application, pre-inspection, secret interview and on-site verification, and finally passed the final certification with excellent results.