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Liaocheng People's Hospital Convening Cadre Meeting


    On May 12, Liaocheng People's Hospital held a cadre meeting. Liang Jianguang, Director of Distance Education Center of Organization Department of Liaocheng Municipal Committee, Shi Weihua, Director of Informant  Center of Organizational Department of Liaocheng Municipal Committee attended the meeting. Zhao Jinxing, Secretary and Director of Party Group of Liaocheng Health Committee, chaired the meeting. Zhang Kuiquan, Vice-Director of Personnel Section of Municipal Health Committee, hospital leadership and middle-level leading cadres attended the meeting.


Liang Jianguang, Director of Distance Education Center of Organization Department of Municipal Committee, announced the appointment decision.

    At the meeting, Liang Jianguang announced the decision of the Municipal Committee: Comrade Ma Shengjun was appointed Secretary of the Liaocheng People's Hospital Committee of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Wang Dawei was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Liaocheng People's Hospital Committee of the Communist Party of China and President of the Liaocheng People's Hospital.

  Liang Jianguang highly appraised the achievements of Liaocheng People's Hospital in recent years, fully affirmed the work done by Ma Shengjun during his tenure as Deputy Secretary of the CPC and Vice President of Liaocheng  People's Hospital Committee,  and Wang Dawei as Vice President of Liaocheng  People's Hospital, and introduced the personal information of Ma Shengjun and Wang Dawei.


Zhao Jinxing, Secretary and Director of the Party Group of the Municipal Health Committee, presided over the meeting.

Taking over the "relay baton" of the development of Liaocheng People's Hospital, Ma Shengjun thanked the superior organizations for their trust and care, and also thanked the colleagues of Liaocheng People's Hospital for their trust and support. As the new secretary, he felt great pressure and responsibility. He said that he would take this as a starting point, never forget his original intention, keep in mind his mission, unite and lead the staff of the hospital, write his absolute loyalty to the Party and the people through practical actions on the solid basis laid down by previous leading groups and old leaders, and strive to promote the healthy, sustained and rapid development of our hospital.


    At the meeting, Ma Shengjun made a statement from five aspects: take a clear-cut stand; grasp solid building of Party; whitehanded and integrity as an example; and and serve conscientiously.


In his speech, Wang Dawei thanked the organization for its concern and training, expressed his firm support and obedience to the organization's decision. He was deeply honored by his mission. He said that the current hospital development is facing not only important opportunities, but also many difficulties and challenges. In this important period, the organization entrusted him with heavy responsibilities, and he was fully aware of the great responsibility. Facing the people's yearning for a better life and new demands for health, as well as the expectations placed by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, he felt under pressure, but also had enough motivation.

  Wang Dawei said that under the leadership of the Party committee of the hospital, he would roll up his sleeves with all staff and workers in the hospital and work hard. He will resolutely carry out the requirements of the national health reform and the policy deployment of the municipal government and the Municipal Committee in all future work. He would continue to adhere to four principles: insist on politics; insis on unity; insist on being pragmatic; insist on innovation.

Finally, Zhao Jinxing, secretary and director of the Party Group of the Municipal Health Commission, made a concluding speech.  Zhao Jinxing said, on behalf of the municipal health Committee party group, he firmly and fully supports the municipal party Committee's decision on the post adjustment of the main responsible comrades of the people's hospital, and puts forward three requirements and hopes:

    We should focus on building a political firm, united and harmonious leading group, and on building a leadership group that is brave in assuming and fulfilling its duties, as well as on building a leading group that is active and courageous in development.

    He requires other team members, cadres and workers to continue to stress politics, take the overall situation into consideration, stress discipline and observe rules, to be honest and set an example; to be united and fraternal; and to fully support and cooperate with Comrades Ma Shengjun and Wang Dawei in their work.

    The new leadership team should unite and lead all cadres and workers, under the leadership of the municipal party Committee, the municipal government and the municipal health Committee, to focus on hard work, to make positive progress, to emancipate the mind, to develop and innovate, to gather strength, to overcome difficulties, and to promote the hospital to achieve new and greater achievements in all aspects of its work.