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The Academician Gu Yudong Workstation of Liaocheng People's Hospital was Inaugurated



 Gu Yudong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his team attended the unveiling ceremony of our hospital. 

Every time spring and summer meet, the grass and trees will grow very luxuriantly, as if intersected with the sky.


On April 26, 2019, the unveiling ceremony of Gu Yudong Academician Workstation, Liaocheng Hand and Foot Microsurgery Clinical Medical Center and the Shandong-Shanghai Hand and Foot Microsurgery 2019 Summit Forum were held in the Academic Presentation Hall of Liaocheng People's Hospital. More than 200 experts and scholars from medical schools and medical institutions both inside and outside the province participated in the meeting.


Ma Shengjun, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice President of liaocheng people's hospital (presided over the work) delivered a speech


Wang Dawei, Vice President of Liaocheng People's Hospital, presided over the meeting.

Ma Shengjun, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Liaocheng People's Hospital (presiding over the work), delivered welcoming speeches at the meeting. Zhang Lixin, Vice Director of Liaocheng Science and Technology Bureau, Zhao Jinxing, Director of Liaocheng Health Committee, and Professor Wang Zengtao, provincial hand and foot surgery, congratulated the academician workstation of Gu Yudong on its establishment in our hospital and all expressed their support for the smooth operation of the academician workstation. The meeting was presided over by Wang Dawei, vice president of Liaocheng People's Hospital.


Zhang Lixin, Deputy Director of Liaocheng Science and Technology Bureau


Zhao Jinxing, Director of Liaocheng Health Commission


Professor Wang Zengtao, Provincial Hand and Foot Surgery Department


Gu Yudong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a speech  





Academician Gu Yudong Sends Message to Academician Workstation

    At the meeting, Academician Gu Yudong fully affirmed the achievements of the hospital in discipline construction, scientific research, personnel training and hospital management in recent years. He said that the next work goal of the academician workstation was to start from the aspects of limb wound repair, functional reconstruction, treatment of peripheral nerve entrapment disease and brachial plexus nerve injury. Through the newly established clinical center of hand and foot microsurgery, the microsurgery laboratory was established to promote the leap-forward development of hand and foot microsurgery in our hospital.

    Academician Gu Yudong hoped that Liaocheng Academician Workstation would become a position to relieve the pain of Qilu people, solve medical problems and go far.


Subsequently, Academician Gu Yudong, Director Zhao Jinxing, Director Zhang Lixin and Secretary Ma Shengjun came to the stage to unveil the work station of Academician Gu Yudong and Liaocheng Hand and Foot Microsurgery Clinical Medical Center. After the unveiling ceremony, Academician Gu Yudong gave an academic lecture on "Recent Progress in Treatment of Brachial Plexus Injury". His team members, Professor Wang Tao, Professor Xu Lei, Professor Peng Feng and Professor Han Dong from Huashan Hospital, respectively gave subject reports on "Recent Progress in Perforating Flap", "Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumbosacral Plexus Injury", "Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Compression" and "Progress in Reconstruction of Thumb-to-Palm Function".

At the same time, Wang Zengtao,  professor of orthopedics in Shandong Provincial Hospital, Zhu Lei,  professor of hand and foot surgery in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Lin Guodong, professor of hand and foot surgery in Yuhuangding Hospital of Yantai, Ding Xiaohang,  971 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, and other well-known professors from inside and outside the province were invited to attend this activity. They also gave lectures on the latest progress in thumb and finger reconstruction, hip arthroscope-assisted treatment of scaphoid fracture, schwannoma surgery experience, and brachial plexus injury provincial medical experience.  The participants witnessed the establishment of Academician Gu Yudong's workstation and learned about the new theories and new concepts of the development of hand and foot disciplines in China on the platform of the Shandong-Shanghai Hand and Foot Microsurgery 2019 Summit Forum.


Academician Gu Yudong walked into the ward




Visit the laboratory

The orthopaedics department of Liaocheng People's Hospital undertakes a number of national and provincial natural science fundsand key scientific and technological projects, as well as teaching, internship and standardized training of national residents in medical colleges and universities such as Taishan Medical College. In particular, hand surgery and ankle surgery have carried out replantation of severed limbs (fingers), correction of hand and foot deformities, repair of limb wounds, treatment of peripheral nerve injury and functional reconstruction in more than 2,000 cases annually. Arthroscopy of wrist and ankle, fibular transplantation with vascular anastomosis have been performed to treat avascular necrosis of femoral head, six-axis space fixator for treatment of equinovarus in children and transverse bone handling for diabetes mellitus foot and other new technologies and new projects have regional advantages.  


Under the leadership of Academician Gu Yudong, Hand Surgery and Peripheral Neurosurgery of Huashan Hospital are in the leading position in China and in the advanced level in the world. Among them, "Diagnosis and Treatment of Brachial Plexus Injury and Basic Research" has reached the leading level in the world. Academician Gu Yudong's workstation is located in our hospital, which will greatly improve the ability of hand surgery and ankle surgery. It will greatly improve the overall level of Orthopaedics and better escort the health of the people in Western Shandong.