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Pupating into a Butterfly by Emancipating the mind - liaocheng People's Hospital Held a Doctoral Sy



   Spring breeze blows warm water city. The vigorous discussion on emancipating the mind has entered a white-hot stage. Without the emancipation of the mind, there will be no leap forward in development; without the renewal of ideas, there will be no breakthrough in development. Liaocheng People's Hospital took advantage of this spring breeze to set off a round of discussion on emancipating the mind in the hospital.

  On the afternoon of the 10th, the hospital held a doctoral symposium, which gathered more than 80 doctors. Due to time constraints, although they did not put forward their opinions one by one, the proposal of 8 representatives showed the leadership the problems to be solved at present: talent introduction, discipline development, cadre training, scientific research, promotion and so on.

  It is gratifying that this symposium is like an "office meeting", as long as the problem can be solved, prompt reply, immediate implementation.


  "Planting a good sycamore tree attracts phoenix. Pay attention to the introduction of high-level talents, especially the admission of doctors, which can be better than the policy of other places; Provide rotating rooms for high-level talents to work in the institute; pay special attention to the use of outstanding young and middle-aged doctors; give priority to team building around doctors; take the lead in stem cell research in glaucoma and myopia, etc.”


  "From the domestic point of view, anesthesiologists are relatively scarce, do not restrict the anesthesiology department to only recruit graduate students, undergraduates as long as excellent, also can be qualified for this job; To cultivate compound talents who have strong professional scientific research ability, know management, and are good at communication; It is necessary to centralize the operation departments and manage them in a unified way. Anesthesiologists should not be allowed to fight separately. "


  “Select directors and strengthen leadership. It is suggested to train and select academic leaders who attach equal importance to both clinic and academy; encourage backbone members to increase their support, divide subspecialties and form a reasonable competition mechanism; establish brand names with top links, strengthen academic cooperation with famous hospitals and colleges at home and abroad, and promote our discipline brand through the platform of each other; strengthen the construction of medical association and medical community by linking with bottom links; Conduct hierarchical management of disciplines, target relevant hospitals, and set goals; To have a sense of crisis, and look at hospitals at the same level to see the crisis. “


  "Discipline leaders should not only improve their professional level, but also train new people for hospitals. It is suggested that the operation operators should be managed at different levels, and which level of doctors should perform which level of surgery,, so as to build a platform for young people, create a working environment conducive to their growth and prevent brain drain."


  "To attract high-quality talents like falling in love, it is necessary to strive for wealth and loyalty, to make him feel at home and have a sense of existence, so as to promote a good marriage; to optimize the use process of scientific research funds so that professionals can concentrate more on innovation; to provide scientific research time to solve the conflict between scientific research and actual working hours; to integrate doctoral degree into the evaluation of professional titles, and to check the scientific research papers.


  "Accelerate information construction, so that CT patients can know the time for examination and results through the appointment platform; accelerate the construction of medical association, linkage between upper and lower levels, unified reporting; open source and reduce expenditure, don't waste every kilowatt hour; create opportunities for cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes; establish a reporting system for those who take advanced courses and attend meetings; the construction of the effective echelon of the department is in urgent need of the staff who can work hard and think for the hospital.


  "Focusing on the development of brain science requires the support of scientific research funds; speeding up the construction of anatomical laboratories; and speeding up the application of 5G technology to medicine."


  "To solve the problem of doctor's title as soon as possible, so as not to affect the declaration of national projects; to achieve the effective integration of technical resources and equipment resources, to avoid the repeated purchase of equipment, resulting in unnecessary waste."

  The doctor's advice was jotted down in the notebook by the leading group of the hospital. They believe that in the face of the current situation, we can not be complacent and slacken. The heads of departments should change their minds, lean down to answer the suggestions and expectations of the staff with the facts of their work , instead of passing them by perfunctorily.

  Everything is man-made, honesty is golden. In the critical period of hospital development, if we want to take the lead in the medical industry in the region, we must promote the emancipation of our minds at a higher level and in a broader field. This is a process of pupation into butterflies, full of hope and accompanied by pain, which is very urgent and arduous and complex. Let's gather great spiritual strength and make due contributions to the development of the hospital with solid action.