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Congratulations! Liaocheng Stomatological Association Established!


   On March 23, the inaugural meeting of liaocheng stomatological association, the first member representative meeting and the first council of liaocheng stomatological association were held in the academic lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Western District of Liaocheng People's Hospital. The establishment of the association will bring together the professional stomatology workers in liaocheng, further improve the level of oral medicine in liaocheng, promote the growth of stomatological professionals in liaocheng, and promote the academic development of stomatology in liaocheng.



  Wei Fengcai, President of Shandong Stomatological Association,zhang Bin, President of Taishan Medical College, President of Liaocheng University Medical College and Vice President of Shandong Stomatological Association, Zhao Huaqiang, Vice President and Secretary-General of Shandong Stomatological Association, Han Jinfang, Vice President of Liaocheng Science Association, Dou Shufen, Vice Director of Liaocheng Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhao Suting, Director of Cadre Health Department of the CPC Committee, and Li Guangyao, Vice President of Liaocheng People's Hospital, etc. attended the inaugural meeting of Liaocheng Stomatological Association. More than 220 members from the stomatology department of public hospitals, oral colleges and private medical institutions attended the conference.

  At the opening ceremony of the establishment of Liaocheng Stomatological Association, Li Guangyao delivered a welcoming speech and Dou Shufen read the "Approval for the Establishment of Liaocheng Stomatological Association". Wei Fengcai, Han Jinfang and Zhao Suting congratulated the establishment of Liaocheng Stomatological Association respectively. They believed that the establishment of Liaocheng Stomatological Association was of great significance to promote the development of stomatological Science in Liaocheng.

  After the opening ceremony, the first member congress was held. After the election, Professor Zhang Bin, Dean of Stomatology Medical College of Taishan Medical College and Medical College of Liaocheng University, was elected honorary president of Liaocheng Stomatology Association, and Li Keyi, Director of Stomatology Department of Liaocheng People's Hospital, was elected president of the first council.

  Subsequently, Professor Li Keyi, chairman of the preparatory group of Liaocheng Stomatological Association, made a report on the preparatory work of Liaocheng Stomatological Association on behalf of the preparatory group. Detailed plans have been made for the improvement of the institution of the association, the development of the annual academic conference, the strengthening of international and domestic exchanges, the training of talents, the promotion of Oral Science popularization, the improvement of the scientific literacy of oral health for the whole people, and the suggestions for the reform of the medical and health system.

  Professor Zhang Bin, Honorary President of Liaocheng Stomatological Association, pointed out that the establishment of Liaocheng Stomatological Association is the result of the joint efforts of all the stomatological medical workers in Liaocheng. We should start from the overall situation, do a good job of unity, play a good role of coordination and bond, and pay attention to academic exchanges and be the leader of the development of Liaocheng Stomatology.



  The establishment of Liaocheng Stomatological Association is a milestone in the development of stomatology in Liaocheng. It will play an important role in promoting academic research of stomatology, promoting the professional development of Stomatology education, improving the level of diagnosis and treatment of stomatology, and improving the public's awareness of stomatological health.